EMS 222 - Emergency Medical Technician

Prerequisite: Multiple measures discussion, or appropriate score on placement exam, or completion of PCS 021  and TRE 089 . Students must be 18 or turn 18 prior to beginning the clinical field requirements in the course.

Description: Techniques of pre-hospital emergency medical care for the emergency medical technician. Includes the history of emergency medical care delivery systems, roles and responsibilities of EMS providers, ethical and legal issues, and patient assessment. Also includes symptoms of illnesses, injuries, medical emergencies, appropriate medical techniques, triage, and ambulance operations. Course includes BLS for Healthcare Providers certification. In addition to the coursework, students must perform ten patient assessments. These can be performed in an appropriate clinical setting or on standardized patients if clinical settings are not available. This course meets the National EMS Education Standards for Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT).

Credits: 9
Lecture Hours: 6
Lab Hours: 6
Clinical Hours: 45

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