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2016-2017 Catalog 
2016-2017 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

NUR 135 - LPN Refresher

Prerequisite: Either AZ LPN license in good standing or ability to obtain a temporary AZ LPN license for the purpose of the refresher course; current CPR card, pre-check background check, DPS card, and secure a clinical site and preceptor.

Description: Designed for the Licensed Practical Nurse to update knowledge and skills of current nursing practice. There are 11 self-paced learning modules and a final examination that must be completed on-line prior to the clinical experience. There are two extra modules available for students working in a specialized clinical area such as hospice or family nursing. If a student has not passed NCLEX the student is required to complete all 13 modules. During the 114 (clock) hours of mandated clinical experience, the LPN student functions under the supervision of a Registered Nurse preceptor. There is 6 months allotted time to finish the course if the student registers the first week the class is available. The student is required to secure a clinical preceptor prior to registration and signing course agreement.

Credits: (6)
Lecture Hours: 3
Clinical Hours: 114
Notes: It is the student’s responsibility to secure their clinical facility and preceptor for clinical rotation prior to registration for the class and the completed paperwork must be received by the nursing office. If student cannot secure clinical facility and a preceptor the student will not be allowed to register for the class.

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