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2017-2018 Catalog 
2017-2018 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Automotive Collision Repair, AAS (ACRTD)

Student airbrushing auto parts

The Associate of Applied Science degree in Automotive Collision Repair prepares students for employment in the areas of basic mechanics, metal working, welding metals and plastics, damage analysis and structural repair, and preparation for painting repaired automobiles.It also aids in developing skills in the areas of communication, technical writing, and mathematics. Automotive collision repair technicians are hired by dealerships and independent auto body repair shops. As an experienced technician with an AAS in Automotive Collision Repair, the student may also choose to open a business, work as an insurance adjuster, or become a factory representative for industry suppliers.

This program is offered in a competency-based format. Instruction occurs via a combination of traditional instruction, online instruction, and hands-on training. Course completion is determined upon successful completion of a series of required tasks that have been selected to show a student’s level of competence in those areas.

In each academic year, there are two six-month subscription periods that occur. Within these sessions, specific instruction will occur. Students will be able to progress at their own pace through the required tasks within those sessions, thus allowing for additional assistance where needed or for moving forward when appropriate. Students are required to show that they are progressing through the program and will have extensive interaction with program personnel to ensure that they are being successful. Students in this program remain subject to financial aid rules for satisfactory academic progress and maximum time frame.

It is anticipated that students will be able to complete the program in three periods, but a highly motivated student could complete sooner. Students pay a flat fee for each period, and successful completion of all competencies allows students to move ahead. Program-required general education courses are also available for students in the program with no additional charge, but the general education courses will follow a traditional semester format.

Students who successfully complete this program will achieve an Associate of Applied Science degree in Automotive Collision Repair and be eligible to take the test for I-CAR Level 1 industry credentials.

Mohave Community Colleges Competency-Based Education program and is delivered in a self-paced format. Degree-seeking students pay a flat fee for six months of instruction, enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours, and progress at their own pace. Once you demonstrate that you’ve mastered a skill, or competency, you move on to the next one. During the six months you may enroll for more courses without additional fees once you’ve successfully completed the minimum 12 credit hours. There are a few limitations to this format, but for the most part, it is self-paced. Students must be diligent in keeping up with assignments and lab-related work. Motivated students who accelerate through the program can save time and money and enter the workforce more quickly.

For more information regarding the Automotive Collison Repair, AAS, see the Automotive Collison Repair webpage.

The Automotive Collision Repair Technology program is offered on the Bullhead City Campus in Bullhead City.


General Education Requirements: 15

Required General Education Courses for AAS Degree attainment: These courses are to be completed in a traditional semester format. They can be completed prior to, in conjunction with, or following completion of the competency-based program courses shown below. All courses must be complete to graduate.

Total Degree Credits: 60

Guided Pathway

Students must follow the guided pathway, see the Automotive Collison Repair, AAS Guided Pathway . The resident faculty will assist all students in course scheduling and other academic questions. It is important to consult an advisor regarding any non-academic advising concerns related to admissions, financial aid, etc.