2013-2014 Catalog 
    Dec 05, 2022  
2013-2014 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Education - Secondary Teacher Education, AA

The Associate of Arts in Secondary Education is intended for students who wish to teach in a high school setting. Most transfer institutions and state teacher certification standards require high school teachers to complete a major area of study such as art, biology, business, chemistry, economics, English, French, geography, German, health, history, mathematics, music, physics, political science/American government, social studies, and Spanish in preparation for transfer. Students who are uncertain about the grade or subject they may wish to teach may enroll in EDU 205 . This course is designed to assist students in making an educated decision about teaching as a career choice. Students intending to transfer to a state university in Arizona (NAU, ASU, or U of A) should follow the Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC – A), which fulfills lower-division general education requirements at these universities. For more information regarding the Secondary Teacher Education, AA, see the Secondary Education webpage.

Note:  MCC students may enroll in courses which have a high probability for transfer and courses which support their major area of study. It is strongly recommended that students who plan to teach in a high school setting contact their transfer institution as soon as possible regarding specific coursework needed for the transfer institution’s core curriculum, college of education requirements, and/or state certification requirements. Delay in contacting the transfer institution may result in taking unnecessary courses.

Note: For a course to be eligible for transfer, the student must receive a “C” or better. Acceptance of a transfer course is determined by the receiving institution.

General Education Credits: 35-38

A. Freshman Composition: 6

B. Mathematics: 3-4

 Choose one course from the following:

C. Arts and Humanities: 6

Choose two courses with different prefixes from the Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC - A)  Credits: (3)

D. Social and Behavioral Sciences: 6

E. Physical and Biological Sciences: 8-10

Choose two courses with labs from the Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC - A)  Credits: (4-5)

Education Requirements: 6

Other Requirements: 4

Content Area Coursework: 18

After consulting with the transfer institution and a student services specialist, choose 18 credits in your major area, excluding courses already taken for the AGEC-A.

Total Degree Credits: 63-66