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2012-2013 Catalog 
2012-2013 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Financial Information

Tuition, Fees and Payment

Tuition is applied to all credit courses and is charged per credit hour.

All tuition and fees are to be paid at the time of registration. Some programs, courses and activities at MCC have additional fees associated with them. Please see complete list of fees.

In-State Tuition Rates

In-state student tuition will be $76 per credit hour during the 2012-2013 academic year.

Example: A one-credit course will cost $76. A three-credit course will cost $228.

Out-of-State Tuition Rates

Out-of-state students will be $304 per credit hour during the 2012-2013 academic year. Technology, course and laboratory fees are the same as for in-state students.

Example: A one-credit course will cost $304. A three-credit course will cost $912.

Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) Tuition Rates

Students qualifying for the WUE tuition rates will pay $114 of the in-state tuition rate. Technology, course and laboratory fees are the same as for in-state students. Example: A three-credit course will cost $342 (3 x $114).  All certificates are eligible for the WUE rate if the student is a resident of an eligible state.

MCC excludes Allied Health courses with the following prefixes from the WUE rate: CHD, DEH, EMS, NUR, PTA, RAD, SGT. The tuition rate for these courses is $304 per credit hour.

Senior Citizen Tuition Rate

The Senior Citizen Rate applies to students who meet Arizona state residency requirements and are at least 62 years of age at the time of registration.

Tuition for credit courses is set at 50% of the regular tuition as set by the Governing Board. All fees for credit courses (technology fees, lab fees, etc.) are set at 100% as listed here.

Tuition for Community Outreach course work is 75% of the standard approved course rate. Any studio or lab fees for these courses are set at 100%.

Adult Education, English Language Acquisition (ELA) & GED

Please call the campus Precollege Studies Office for current tuition rates for Adult Basic Education (ABE), English Language Acquisition for Adults (ELA), and General Educational Development (GED) Programs.

Methods of Payment

MCC will accept personal checks, MasterCard, VISA, Discover, American Express, money orders and cash. The following options are available to:

  • Pay the full tuition and fee payment at the time of registration.
  • Pay the full tuition and fee payment by the fee payment deadline.*
  • Receive a Financial Aid Award notification by the fee payment deadline.*
  • Enroll in payment plan (see directions below).

Mohave Community College has contracted with Nelnet Business Solutions to provide various payment options to assist students in paying for college. MCC is pleased to offer e-Cashier as a convenient online payment plan. The one-Cashier payment plan allows students to select installment plans that are spread over several months, depending on when registration occurs. Payments can be made online from a checking or savings account or credit card. The only cost to participate in the e-Cashier program is a $25.00 per semester nonrefundable fee. There is no fee when payment is made in full. The payment is processed immediately. This is not a loan program: there is no debt incurred and no credit search. There are no interest or finance charges assessed by NBS on the unpaid balance. To register for classes and take advantage of the payment plan option go to https://jics.mohave.edu. Select classes and then click on “My Account Balances.” Students can then select “Payment Plan Setup” and will be directed to the e-Cashier page that provides information on how to sign up for the plan, and how to select a payment schedule and make payments. There are also answers to some frequently asked questions. If already registered, sign-in and go to EX Web. Click on “Account Information” and on the next page appears the e-Cashier icon in red. Click on the icon for the information mentioned above.


Any students owing money to the college will be placed on an Accounts Receivable hold (AR Hold). An AR hold blocks a student from accessing his/her account on the Web. The student will also not be able to receive grades, transcripts, certificates, diplomas, etc. An AR hold blocks a student from withdrawing from classes; it also blocks a student from adding or dropping classes in the current semester and enrolling in classes in future semesters. In order to remove the AR hold, a student’s account must be paid in full. For more information, contact the MCC Bursar’s office.

Program, Administrative,Testing, and Course Fees

Technology Fee * $6/cr. hour
Student Activity Fee* $2/cr. hour

Program Fees

Dental Hygiene (DEH) (Fall & Spring $2,850**
Fire Science Academy $2,990
     Nursing (RN) Fee (Summer, Fall, Spring) $1,300
     Paramedic to RN  Fee (Summer, Fall, Spring) $1,300
     Practical Nursing (PNC) (Summer, Fall, Spring) $1,300
Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) (Fall & Spring) $1,850
Radiologic Technology (Fall and Spring) (Note:  An additional $400 fee for the fall semester year one will also be assessed.) $1,300
Truck Driver Training (TDT) $4,300****

Administrative Fees

Admissions Processing Fee N/C
Auditing a Course $10/cr. hour
Diploma Replacement Fee $10 per request
Field Trip Transportation Fee Determined per Trip
Field Trip Entrance/Attendance Student’s responsibility
Non-Electronic Ordering of Official Transcript Fee $10 each
Unofficial Transcript N/C
Transcript Fee (Official) Electronic Order (*plus Clearinghouse fees) $5 each
Higher One Replacement Card $20
Returned Checks (each) $35 each

Nelnet Fees

Payment Plan $25
NELNET Returned Check Charge $30

Testing Fees

  Student Fee Non-Student Fee
Biology Competency Exam $25 $25
CLEP Administration Fee (3+ credits) $30 $55
CLEP Collected at time of test $77 $77
Compass Test and Retest ($25 for non-admitted students) $10 $25
Challenge Test (Credit by Examination) Tuition  
EMS 125 (Emergency Medical Responder) (EMR) Final Practical Evaluation $50  N/A
EMS 222 Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Final Practical Evaluation $75  N/A
EMS 243 Paramedic Program Final Practical Evaluation $100  N/A
EMS National Registry Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) Practical N/A $50
EMS National Registry Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Practical N/A $100
EMS National Registry Paramedic Practical Evaluation $150 $200
EMS National Registry Paramedic Practical Exam - Retest (1-4 stations) $50 $100
EMS Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Refresher Challenge $100 $100
EMS Paramedic - Refresher Challenge Examination $150 $150
Exams from Other Schools $25 $50
Fire Fighter Entrance Exam $50 $50
Fire Fighter Certification Exam $50 $50
GED Testing Fee (Initial test which includes all five sections) $80 $80
GED Retest Fee (per section) $15 $15
HOBET (Health Occupations Basic Entrance Test) $40 $50
TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) Nursing Entrance Test $40 $50
Work Keys Test $10 $20

 Note: For information concerning General Education Development (GED®) testing, contact your campus Precollege Studies Office for fee and scheduling information.

* Technology and Student Activity Fee does not apply to the Truck Driver Training and Precollege Studies (PCS) courses.

** First semester Dental Hygiene fee includes a non-refundable $500 deposit paid at time of application.

*** Includes the Technology Fee and Student Activity Fee.

**** Program Fee includes tuition and books. (Other charges may apply and will be assessed directly by SAGE Corp.)

 Course Fees

Automotive Collision Repair Technology

ACT111 Metal Welding and Cutting $165.00
ACT121 Non-Structural Repair Preparation $165.00
ACT123 Metal Finishing and Body Filling $165.00
ACT141 Refinish Safety $55.00
ACT142 Surface Preparation I $110.00
ACT143 Spray Equipment Operation $110.00
ACT150 Panel Repair and Replacements $165.00
ACT151 Structural Damage Diagnosis $165.00
ACT152 Structural Damage Repair $165.00
ACT153 Refinishing $235.00
ACT160 Fixed Glass, Plastics and Adhesives $275.00
ACT205 Estimating and Shop Management $165.00
ACT211 MIG Welding and Cutting II $110.00
ACT231 Adv. Structural Damage Diagnosis & Repair $165.00
ACT237 Automotive Collision Technology Lab $165.00
ACT241 Paint Defects - Causes and Cures $165.00
ACT242 Surface Preparation II $110.00
ACT243 Refinishing II $235.00
ACT244 Final Detail $110.00


ART111 Design I $15.00
ART112 Design II $15.00
ART113 The Science Of Color $15.00
ART121 Drawing I $15.00
ART125 Painting I $15.00
ART126 Painting II $15.00
ART128 Watercolor I $15.00
ART129 Watercolor II $15.00
ART151 Basic Black & White Photography $30.00
ART152 Basic Photography $30.00
ART171 Ceramics I $60.00
ART172 Ceramics II $60.00
ART175 Sculpture I $45.00
ART176 Sculpture II $45.00
ART221 Drawing II $15.00
ART223 Figure Drawing I $60.00
ART251 Intermediate Photography $30.00
ART256 Digital Photography I $30.00

Automotive Service Technology

ASE111 Electrical/Electronic Systems I $82.00
ASE112 Electrical/Electronic Systems II $123.00
ASE113 Electrical/Electronic Systems III $82.00
ASE132 Automotive HVAC Systems $123.00
ASE141 Automotive Engines I $123.00
ASE142 Automotive Engines II $164.00
ASE151 Automotive Ignition Systems $82.00
ASE152 Intake and Exhaust Systems $82.00
ASE153 Fuel Delivery Systems I $82.00
ASE154 Fuel Delivery Systems II $82.00
ASE255 Emission Control Systems $41.00
ASE256 On-Board Diagnostic Systems I $82.00
ASE257 On-Board Diagnostic Systems II $82.00
ASE260 Manual Transmission Systems $82.00
ASE271 Automatic Transmission Systems I $123.00
ASE272 Automatic Transmission Systems II $82.00
ASE281 Brake Systems I $125.00
ASE282 Brake Systems II $125.00
ASE291 Suspension and Steering I $125.00
ASE292 Suspension and Steering II $125.00


AST101 Introductory Astronomy $30.00


BIO100 Biology Concepts $40.00
BIO160 Human Structure and Function $40.00
BIO181 General Biology (Majors) I $40.00
BIO182 General Biology (Majors) II $40.00
BIO201 Anatomy and Physiology I $40.00
BIO202 Anatomy and Physiology II $40.00
BIO205 Microbiology $50.00
BIO290 Field Biology I Determined per field trip
BIO291 Field Biology II Determined per field trip


CHM130 Fundamental Chemistry $40.00
CHM140 Fundamental Organic and Biochemistry $50.00
CHM151 General Chemistry I $40.00
CHM152 General Chemistry II $40.00
CHM235 General Organic Chemistry I $50.00
CHM236 General Organic Chemistry II $50.00

Culinary Arts

CUL111 Introduction to Culinary $705.00
CUL112 Techniques of Healthy Cooking $340.00
CUL114 Baking $340.00
CUL115 Sanitation and Safety $40.00
CUL116 Supervisory Management $40.00
CUL117 Purchasing and Receiving $40.00
CUL118 Hospitality and Culinary Marketing $40.00
CUL211 Food and Beverage Cost Control $40.00
CUL212 American Regional Cuisine $340.00
CUL213 International Cuisine $340.00
CUL214 Hospitality and Culinary Law $40.00
CUL215 Artisan Breads $340.00
CUL216 Advanced Baking and Pastry $340.00

Dental Assisting

DAE105 Dental Infection Control $50.00
DAE106 Dental Assisting Radiography (includes certification exam fees) $390.00
DAE107 Dental Assisting I $150.00
DAE108 Dental Assisting II $150.00
DAE109 Dental Assisting Materials $175.00
DAE120 Dental Specialties $200.00


ELC110 Electrical Wiring $40.00
ELC111 Residential Wiring $40.00
ELC200 Grounding & Bonding $20.00
ELC205 Relay Control Systems $40.00
ELC210 Commercial/Industrial Electricity I $40.00
ELC211 Commercial/Industrial Electricity II $40.00
ELC220 Electrical Motors and Controls $40.00
ELC221 Low Voltage Systems $40.00

Emergency Medical Services

EMS125 Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) (formerly EMS 122) $40.00
EMS210 Emergency Services Instructor I (formerly EMS 200) $45.00
EMS222 Basic EMT $100.00
EMS230 EMT (BLS) Refresher (formerly EMS 225) $50.00
EMS240 Paramedic I $240.00
EMS241 Paramedic II $240.00
EMS242 Paramedic III $240.00
EMS243 Paramedic IV $240.00
EMS244 Paramedic V $240.00
EMS255 Paramedic (ALS) Refresher (formerly EMS248) $180.00

English Language Acquisition

(For the following courses see chart following this table.)
ELA030 ELA Beginners
ELA031 ELA Reading and Writing I
ELA032  ELA Listening and Speaking I
ELA033 ELA Reading and Writing II
ELA034 ELA Listening and Speaking II
ELA035 ELA Reading and Writing III
ELA036 ELA Listening and Speaking III
ELA037 ELA Reading and Writing IV
ELA038 ELA Listening and Speaking IV
ELA039 ELA Reading and Writing V
ELA040 ELA Citizenship Preparation

Environmental Science

ENV101 Environmental Science $40.00


GHY212 Introduction to Meteorology $10.00
GHY213 Climate Studies $40.00


GLG101 Physical Geology $40.00
GLG102 Historical Geology $40.00
GLG110 Environmental Geology/Natural Disaster $40.00
GLG140 Oceanography $10.00

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

HVA105 Fundamentals of Refrigeration  $60.00
HVA120 Residential HVAC Installation  $60.00
HVA130 Residential HVAC  $60.00
HVA140 Residential Heating  $60.00
HVA150 HVAC Electrical Troubleshooting  $60.00
HVA220 Commercial and Domestic Refrigeration  $60.00

 Medical Assisting

MEA101 Basic Phlebotomy Techniques $45.00
MEA102 Phlebotomy Practicum $45.00
MEA235 Clinical II $45.00
MEA255 Clinical III $45.00
MEA258 Medical Assisting Externship $30.00


NUR123 Transition to Practical Nursing $50.00
NUR135 L.P.N. Refresher $100.00
NUR137 Articulation to Healing Community $100.00
NUR235 Registered Nurse Refresher $100.00

Nursing Assistant


NAP115 Nursing Assistant $233.00
NAP117 Medication Assistant course $100.00

Pharmacy Technology

PHT171 Pharmaceutical Calculations $50.00
PHT174 Pharmacy Operations $66.00
PHT180 Sterile Products $71.00


PHY107 Conceptual Physics $40.00
PHY111 General Physics I $40.00
PHY112 General Physics II $40.00
PHY115 University Physics I $50.00
PHY116 University Physics II $50.00


PLU101 Introduction to Plumbing $45.00
PLU102 Intermediate Plumbing Techniques $45.00

Precollege Studies

(For the following courses see chart following this table.)
PCS021 PCS Reading
PCS022 PCS Communication
PCS023 PCS Math
PCS033 GED Preparation

Surgical Technology

SGT121 Orientation and Introduction to Surgery $360.00
SGT122 Surgical Techniques $720.00
SGT123 Pharmacology for Surgical Technology $180.00
SGT125 Microbiology for the Surgical Technologist $360.00
SGT221 Surgical Concepts $360.00
SGT222 Surgical Procedures $720.00
SGT223 Introduction to the Operating Room $360.00
SGT224 Surgical Complications $720.00
SGT225 Surgical Technology Externship I $1,620.00
SGT226 Surgical Technology Externship II $1,980.00

Truck Driver Training

TDT150 Specialized Training $300.00


WLD100 Safety in Welding and Construction $125.00
WLD102 Cutting Process and Welding Quality $250.00
WLD105 Weld Fit Up/Inspection/Metallurgy $150.00
WLD114 Math for Welders $100.00
WLD125A Shielded Metal Arc Welding (Plate I) $250.00
WLD125B Shielded Metal Arc Welding (Plate II) $275.00
WLD126 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding I $250.00
WLD129 Gas Metal Arc Welding $250.00
WLD156 AWS Level I Certification Preparation $250.00
WLD157 AWS Level I Certification and Workmanship Qualification $450.00
WLD201 Flux Cored Arc Welding $250.00
WLD228 GTAW Pipe I $201.00
WLD229 Gas Metal Arc Welding Pipe $200.00
WLD231 Welding Print Reading $100.00
WLD261 SMAW Open V-Butts/Plate I $250.00
WLD262 SMAW Open V-Butts/Plate II $275.00
WLD263 SMAW Open Root/Pipe I $300.00
WLD264 SMAW Root/Pipe II $325.00




Family Size

Adult Education - (ELA and PCS prefixes)

Registration Fee Per Course                        (by Income Level)

(125% Poverty or less) (126-175% Poverty)  (176% Poverty or greater)
$10.00 $20.00 $30.00
1 $10,831 - $13,538 $13,539 - $16,245 $16,246 - $18,953
2 $14,571 - $18,213 $18,214 - $21,855 $21,856 - $25,498
3 $18,311 - $22,888 $22,889 - $27,465 $27,466 - $32,043
4 $22,051 - $27,563 $27,564 - $33,075 $33,076 - $38,588
Each add’l family member Add $4,675 Add $5,610 Add $6,545


Tuition and Fee Refund Policy for Credit Courses

If a student drops a class during that class’s official add/drop period, the student may receive a refund of 100% of tuition and applicable fees paid to the college. This does not include any fees designated as “non-refundable.”

All refunds will be issued to students via the Bighorn One Card. When the card is received and activated, students can choose how college refunds are received. Refunds are processed within two (2) weeks after the official add/drop period.

NOTE: Dropping a class can affect financial aid. Be sure to contact the financial aid office before dropping any classes.

The Drop Process

All drops should be completed using the college’s online EX Web system at https://jics.mohave.edu. Once in EX Web, click on the Student tab and choose add/drop courses. Follow the directions as listed. For technical assistance contact the MCC Helpdesk.

Special Circumstances

Approval for special circumstance refunds must be obtained from the dean of student services.

In special circumstances, after the official add/drop period, a student may drop courses for one of the following reasons and receive a refund of tuition and fees, except fees for instrument, tool or uniform costs:

1. Serious illness of the student (100 percent refund of tuition and net fees) as long as the request is made prior to the end of the semester in which the illness occurs. The student must submit a verifiable doctor’s statement certifying that the illness prevents him/her from attending classes.
2. The death of the student taking the course or the death of the parent, child or spouse (100 percent refund of tuition and net fees) if the request is made prior to the end of the semester in which the death occurs. The student or the student’s survivor must provide a death certificate or newspaper obituary notice as well as proof of relationship (birth certificate, marriage license).
3. Military service (100 percent refund of tuition and net fees), if the student belongs to the armed forces or National Guard and is called to active duty and assigned to a duty station distant from the campus. A copy of the military orders must be provided.
4. When courses are dropped, all financial aid received must be repaid by the student.

Truck Driver Training Program

Refunds for MCC’s Truck Driver Training program are offered in conjunction with SAGE Corporation. SAGE applies the following refund policy to students who have paid required school charges (tuition, fees, etc.): A full refund on tuition only will be provided to any student who cancels prior to starting class, or who terminates from the program for any reason up to the third day of classes.  After the third day of classes, no refund shall be given. SAGE does not refund for books, DOT physical or drug screen. In the event of any refund, SAGE shall retain a processing fee of $100.

Financial Aid

The mission of the financial aid office is to provide MCC students-prospective, current and past-with prompt, accurate, and courteous financial aid assistance.

To help students meet the financial obligations of college attendance, Mohave Community College administers a varied and comprehensive financial aid program. Financial aid is designed to bridge the gap between the costs of attending college and what students and their families are expected to contribute. Citizens, or eligible noncitizens of the United States, may apply for assistance regardless of gender, age, color, religion, marital status, national origin, pregnancy-related conditions, handicap, or veteran disability.

The U.S. Department of Education, through MCC, offers four major student financial aid programs:

  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
  • Federal Work Study (FWS)
  • Federal Direct Student Loans (FDSL) which includes subsidized (SDSL) and unsubsidized (UDSL)

A complete description of these programs is available online at: www.studentaid.ed.gov.

For complete information on financial aid including: how to apply, scholarships available and veteran’s benefits, etc., refer to the Student Handbook. In addition, information on MCC financial aid programs is available at: http://www.mohave.edu/financialaid.


Veterans Education Benefits

Mohave Community College provides services to veterans, widows and dependents who may be eligible for educational assistance from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Services offered include assistance with the application for education benefits, tutorial assistance and services for disabled veterans. Veteran students may be eligible to defer their payment of tuition, fees and books.

Veterans must meet satisfactory academic progress to continue using their VA Education Benefits at MCC. Students using VA Education Benefits who are found to have met the requirements for Academic Dismissal as listed in this catalog will have their benefits discontinued and be reported as terminated to the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Students meeting the requirements for readmission will be allowed to reinitiate the use of their VA Education Benefits, although the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs will make the final decision as to whether they will continue to pay out for those education benefits.

It is important to note that the VA will only pay for classes that are required for the degree or certificate the student is pursuing. Courses taken outside of the declared program of pursuit will not be certified for benefits. Please call or visit an academic advisor at the nearest MCC campus to obtain the necessary paperwork to start or continue a claim for education benefits. Additional information on VA Education Benefits may be obtained at: www.mohave.edu or the VA Education Benefits Web site at www.gibill.va.gov


MCC offers a variety of scholarships for new, continuing and incoming transfer students. MCC scholarships can be received based on academic excellence, leadership experiences, talent or demonstrated excellence in a particular program of study. 

Click here for access to the MCC Scholarship Brochure and Application.

Early Start Scholarship

High school students, GED graduates and home school students are eligible for the Early Start Scholarship.

This scholarship is available for a maximum of seven credit hours for three semesters after the student’s junior year. The semesters include the summer semester after the junior year and the fall and spring semester during a student’s senior year.

This scholarship is available for GED graduates for one year from the date the GED certificate is issued. Out-of-state and WUE students will be awarded at in-state tuition rates and must pay the difference to utilize the scholarship.

An Early Start Scholarship application must be completed and processed by a campus admissions counselor or student services representative.

The Early Start Scholarship is for tuition only. All fees must be paid by the student at the time of registration.

The college reserves the right to limit the scholarship at any time if budgetary restrictions should occur.

MCC Foundation Scholarship Program

Many scholarships have been established for Mohave Community College students by generous donors in the community, state and nation. Each year, MCC students benefit from the thousands of dollars donated by these friends of the college. 

The MCC Scholarship Brochure describes all the scholarships available through the MCC Foundation. Read the descriptions carefully to determine individual eligibility based on the criteria established by the donor. The scholarship application allows a student to apply for up to three private scholarships.  For a list of scholarships available through the MCC Foundation, click here.

Non-college Scholarships

Community groups and other organizations have generously provided scholarships to Mohave Community College students. Interested students should personally contact these organizations for applications. Appropriate addresses are usually listed in local telephone directories or may be acquired through each local chamber of commerce. A list of these organizations can be found in the Student Handbook at www.mohave.edu

Scholarship Search Tools

Each year, it is reported in the media that billions in scholarship monies go unused. Some scholarship search companies use this line to get you to buy their services to help find you a scholarship. Be very careful paying someone to help you find money for college. Generally, students and parents can find the same information by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), applying for MCC scholarships and doing individual online research.


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