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2013-2014 Catalog 
2013-2014 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Support Services and Programs

 Academic Advising

Advising services are delivered by both staff advisors and faculty members and are available at all campuses to support a student’s academic goals. Academic advising is critical to your success, satisfaction, retention, and graduation from Mohave Community College. A student services specialist is assigned to a student upon entry. The role of the student services specialist is to help define and shape academic plans to meet educational goals by preparing academic progress plans and selecting classes. They have access to resources that will provide students with options as well as direction in various career choices. According to the student’s’ needs and educational goals, they will assist in creating a plan to stay on track for graduation.

New Students: Meeting with a student services specialist is one of the best things you can do to facilitate success in your education. Student services specialists can help you develop an education plan for goal achievement, select your class schedule for an upcoming semester, explore majors or careers, and connect you to campus resources. Student services specialists will use available information (e.g., high school transcripts, assessment scores and other data) to assist you in pursuing a program consistent with your education goals and level of preparation.

Continuing Students: You may enroll in courses for which you have completed the prerequisites without a student services specialist’s signature. However, you must meet with a student services specialist if you:

  • Plan to receive financial aid.
  • Select courses for which you have not met prerequisites.
  • Change your degree, major, or catalog year.
  • Need to add or drop a class.
  • Need help to review your academic progress.
  • Plan to transfer to a university.
  • Experience academic difficulties.
  • Are within one semester of completing your degree or certificate program.

Succeeding at MCC: You are responsible for knowing the degree requirements and for ensuring that the courses in which you enroll will meet those requirements. To gain a total college experience, you are encouraged to familiarize yourself with MCC services, activities, and resources. You should become familiar with the class schedule, the college catalog, and the Student Handbook. You are also encouraged to participate in programs, classes, and activities that help you develop and grow academically. MCC faculty and student services specialists, as well as family and peers, can all be valuable sources of information on how to succeed in college. For more information regarding academic advising and additional related resources, visit the Advising webpage or Academic Advising  in the Admission and Registration section of the catalog, or call MCC Connect .


Each of the southern campuses has a bookstore which sells the textbooks and supplies required for MCC classes. The bookstore also sells arts and crafts supplies, clothing with the MCC logo, calculators, gift items, and more. For more information regarding the bookstore business hours, online textbook ordering, and textbook rentals, visit the MCC Bookstore webpage or call MCC Connect .

Bursar’s Office

The Bursar’s Office provides and assists students with student accounts and management information. For more information regarding billing, payment plan, Bighorn OneCard, HigherOne accounts, 1098T tax information, and AR holds, see the Financial Information  section of the catalog, visit the Bursar webpage, or call MCC Connect 

 Community Outreach

To serve the broad interest of its audience, MCC created the Community Outreach program. People of all ages enjoy taking courses at Mohave Community College for personal enrichment. These courses allow them to stretch their imaginations, expand their minds, challenge their intellects, and enhance their physical well-being. Community Outreach offers classes in five areas of emphasis:

  1. Adventure and Discovery. These courses explore history or science and nature, include field trips and study tours, teach sports, games, and recreation, and more.
  2. Creative Expressions. These courses provide adults the opportunity to explore their interests in fine arts, crafts, music, dance, theatre arts and film, home arts, literature and writing, and more.
  3. Healthy Living. These courses include classes and activities in nutrition, well-being, fitness, holistic health, and more.
  4. Training Skills and Computer Courses. In these classes, community members can focus on business and finance, languages, computer technology, animal training, vehicle operation and maintenance, and personal expressions including fashion, make-up, and self-confidence courses.

For more information, visit the Community Outreach webpage or call MCC Connect 

Corporate Outreach

The mission of Mohave Community College’s Corporate Outreach Office is to help area businesses build productivity and profitability through education and training. MCC’s Corporate Outreach office provides customized employee and management training at your business location or on an MCC campus. We start by analyzing what skills are needed for your company to succeed and then structure training to bring your personnel up to that skill level. Courses cover a broad spectrum from basic customer service and personal and professional development to sales and marketing, team-building, and communications skills.

In addition, Corporate Outreach can provide training that is specific to your business or industry such as industry-wide education including CPT and manufacturing skills. Your personnel need not travel out of town or be away from their assigned duties for days at a time.

The links on our webpage will help you explore all the ways in which MCC’s Corporate Outreach Office can help your business be successful. Companies wanting to build teamwork, cooperation, and leadership skills will want to explore the Challenge Course program. For more information and related resources, visit the Corporate Outreach webpage or call MCC Connect 

Disability Services

The mission of MCC Disability Services is to empower students with disabilities to succeed by facilitating access through accommodations and advocacy.

MCC Disability Services is the department designated to facilitate services and resources for students with documented disabilities.

Each campus has a student services specialist who coordinates support for individuals with disabilities. These individuals help coordinate disability accommodations and referral services for students with documented disabilities.

Disability is defined as a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities.

MCC Disability Services on each campus provide the following services:

  • Maintain documentation related to a student’s disability and student accommodation requests.
  • Support and assist disabled students.
  • In collaboration with the student, instructor and disability services specialist, determine and review accommodation requests each term.
  • Use student provided documentation to determine if a student is an individual with a disability.
  • Facilitate reasonable accommodations.
  • Ensure that Mohave Community College is ADA compliant in both real and virtual environments.
  • Maintain confidentiality of all disability records.
  • Advise students regarding appropriate courses and degree programs.

Note: The College does not provide personal devices, personal attendants, or transportation.

Students who feel they may qualify as an individual with a disability must self-identify and provide appropriate documentation to MCC Disability Services. The college may require up to six weeks’ notice to provide disability related accommodations. Without appropriate documentation, no accommodations can be provided to the student. Accommodations are based on the documented disability. Accommodations must be requested each semester a student is enrolled in classes. If a student is registered with MCC Disability Services but has not developed and signed accommodation requests, they are not eligible to receive accommodations. For more information and additional related resources, visit Disability Services, the Student Handbook, or call MCC Connect  or 1.866.664.2832 (TTY Use Relay 771).

Dual Enrollment

Mohave Community College has established agreements with local high schools to offer selected courses, at no cost, to students who have been identified as candidates for college-level work. Dual Enrollment courses are offered in both academic and occupational areas at the high schools. Students who successfully complete one or more dual enrollment courses receive credit toward high school graduation and college credits that apply to graduation from college.

Dual Enrollment is designed primarily for high school juniors and seniors. However, a limited number of freshmen and sophomores who meet course prerequisites and are prepared to benefit from college-level coursework can enroll in the program as well.

There are several benefits of dual enrollment including the convenience of taking college courses on the high school campus rather than travelling to the college. In addition, Dual Enrollment courses and textbooks are free to all students who meet the eligibility. These cost savings represent a considerable advantage to students and their families who can save up to two years’ worth of college tuition and materials costs.

Because Mohave Community College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, most courses transfer to other colleges and universities. Dual enrollment courses are available in a variety of disciplines preparing students for university transfer or for occupational careers.

To enroll in a dual enrollment course, a student must:

  • satisfy the prerequisites for the course as published in the college catalog,
  • be a high school junior or senior (or be eligible for a waiver),
  • have appropriate COMPASS, SAT, or ACT scores,
  • have the approval of the high school’s principal and counselors.

For more information regarding participating schools or related resources, visit the Dual Enrollment webpage, an area high school guidance counselor, or call MCC Connect .

Information Technology Help Desk Support

By Phone: MCC Connect staff is available to resolve technology issues seven days a week from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. If you require assistance outside of these times, you may leave a message and your call will be returned the next day. MCC Connect staff can resolve the majority of technology issues and, when necessary, will submit a Help Desk ticket to technicians in the Information Technology department.

  • Telephone: 855.757.5300, or internal ext. 1142
  • Emergency: To report system-wide outages after-hours, call MCC Connect’s toll-free number: 855.757.5300

Online: To access IT Help Desk Support directly you can email your Help Desk information to or you can enter a Help Desk ticket online:

  1. Access
  2. Log in using your MCC user ID and password.
  3. Enter the ticket information and click SUBMIT.

After submitting a Help Desk ticket, you will receive an email notification that a new support case has been opened for them in the Help Desk system. The email provides the status of the case, a short description of the problem, and the case history, as well as the technician currently working the case.

As the ticket is worked on, you will receive email status updates. When the ticket is completed and closed, you will receive a survey via email requesting that you comment on how the technician handled your problem. The Help Desk appreciates your completing this survey as this can provide valuable feedback allowing them to improve their service to the college community.

Please bookmark and check for current status on your tickets or to review past work history.

Library Services

An MCC library is located on each campus and supports the academic programs of Mohave Community College. Each campus library is available for students, faculty, staff, and community members. The MCC Library offers online access from any campus or home to resources such as articles and e-books, as well as a variety of subject-specific databases. Each library also provides services including one-on-one research assistance, best seller collections, and access to materials from thousands of libraries around the country through Inter-Library Loan (ILL). The library staff is always available to offer research assistance and scheduled research instruction sessions for classes. For more information regarding library business hours, collections, “Ask a Librarian,” and Inter-Library Lending Services (ILL), visit the MCC Library webpage or call MCC Connect .

MCC Connect

Call: 866 MOHAVE CC (866-664-2832)

MCC established the call center (MCC Connect) to streamline student, employee, and public inquiries about the college, its classes, and services. The call center’s employees have undergone extensive training to be able to answer any questions about the college, registration, financial aid, and technical assistance. In addition, MCC Connect staff members are able to schedule appointments.

MCC Email

MCC email is the college’s primary mode of communication with students. MCC provides all admitted students with an email account. Student financial aid information, account billing information, and other college communications is sent electronically to individual student’s MCC email addresses. It is the responsibility of the student to check his/her MCC email account regularly. For more information or assistance with an MCC email account, contact MCC Connect 

Student Life

MCC offers many opportunities for student growth outside the classroom. To get the most out of college, students are encouraged to participate in the cultural, social, enrichment, and recreational activities offered. The MCC community believes that every student deserves to be respected and celebrated for who they are. Potential students are encouraged to visit a campus and learn what it truly means to be an MCC student. Current students are encouraged to get involved and see how Student Life on each MCC campus can help you learn, succeed, and be truly you.

The goal of student life is to provide students with the total MCC experience. That MCC experience means supporting student learning opportunities, leadership, involvement, and creative expression both in and beyond the classroom. For more information regarding student organizations, intramural sports, student leadership and service, and the Student Activities Council (SAC), visit MCC Student Life webpage or call MCC Connect .

 Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

Mohave Community College Small Business Development Center is a cooperative program between the U.S. Small Business Administration, the AZSBDC Network, and Mohave Community College.

The Small Business Development Center works with new business start-ups and existing businesses in Mohave County providing confidential and free one-on-one counseling, business plan assistance, market feasibility and research, cash flow analysis, SBA loan assistance, assistance with government contracting, and much more.  They also offer affordable workshops and seminars that can help entrepreneurs gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed. For more information, visit the Small Business Development Center webpage or contact MCC Connect .

Student Forms Repository

Many of the forms needed for registration, scholarships, graduation, and more are available at Student Forms. Forms may be downloaded and saved to your computer. It is your responsibility to ensure you are using the most up-to-date version of each form, which will be available on this page. Any modification to a form will render the form VOID and it will be returned to the submitter.

Testing Services

Mohave Community College Testing Services on each campus provide assessment for current students, future students, and community members. The test centers also facilitate test proctoring for both paper/pencil and computer-based tests. A picture ID (valid driver’s license or MCC HigherOne card with a photo) is required for all testing.

Services are provided for the following:  assessment screening for placement (COMPASS/ASSET), General Educational Development (GED), Tests of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), and WorkKeys testing, and proctored exams for other colleges. Testing services are also provided for proctoring of exams for licensure and certification and for exams from other colleges and universities. Testing Services is Pearson Vue certified. For more information regarding testing services and fees, visit the Testing Services webpage, Testing and Assessment  in the Admission and Registration section of the catalog, or call MCC Connect

 Tutoring Services

The MCC Tutoring Services program mission is to create an environment that fosters student success. This program helps students develop the learning strategies necessary to reach their academic potential and teaches students how to apply these skills in college and in life. In addition, the MCC Tutoring Services program is partnered with MCC faculty and staff to empower students to assume responsibility for their education, to be self-motivated and successful in their chosen fields of study, and to function as productive members of society.

Goals of Tutoring: The MCC Tutoring Services program provides a solid foundation of effective study habits, assists students in learning strategies that will help them with every facet of their lives, and facilitates peer group tutoring sessions to promote learning community cohorts.

How Tutoring Works: These services are free to MCC students, but they must be enrolled in the class for which they request tutoring services.

  • Students are required to complete a Tutor Request/Client Contract Form. Sign-up or request may be voluntary or on the referral of an instructor or student services specialist. Request forms are available on all campuses.
  • Group tutoring sessions are established.
  • The first visit is with a Lead Tutor during which the student presents his/her course syllabus, reviews the available services, signs a contract, and is advised of group session times.
  • It is important for the student and assigned tutor to set goals and objectives benchmarks which are based on the class syllabus for each session. Students then bring completed homework, text, assignments, handouts, and preferably a list of questions.

Note: Students are expected to keep their appointments or to call and cancel at least 24 hours in advance.

For more information or to participate in a group tutoring session, visit the Tutoring webpage or call MCC Connect .

 Veterans Education Benefits

For more information regarding educational assistance and related resources, please visit Veterans Education Benefits  in the Financial Information section of the catalog, Veteran Services online, or call MCC Connect .

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